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If someone around you is having a hard time to sleep, please let him (her) try the app.
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Published 15 Jun 2013

I'm sure most of us have someone around us who has some sort of trouble in sleeping at night. It's a very common problem that can be caused by any number of things from stress to simple teeth grinding. Many feel like they just have to put up with it and some will consult with their doctor and be subscribed a course of treatment that involves medication. Unfortunately, this could lead to a few side effects involving drowsiness and lack of clarity. Many swear by an exercise regime and eating oatmeal at night - a natural alternative that works for some. But there are some simple things that can be done to help improve sleeping patterns. Deep Sleep, for example, is a new health application for iOS and Android that provides an aural setting and provides soothing sounds to help you find that place in your mind that lets you drift off.
Deep Sleep can be of help If someone around you is having a hard time sleeping. This iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android application provides a sound environment specially designed to encourage a better night's sleep and, hopefully, no more restless nights and insomnia. Deep Sleep either let's you create your own sleeping mix or you can let the app create an infinite variety of over 100 mixes that are never the same twice. Just touch the play button and the app provides a high-quality specialized sound environment in just a few seconds with music, binaural beats, natural sounds as well as voice. The audio database used to aid your relaxation contains several hours of carefully selected sounds and music. The wide range is specially composed and mixed to create a relaxing and sound sleeping environment. It taps into the inner psyche by using sub bass, pulsed bass, spiral sounds and hypnotic cadences including natural sounds  like the sound of a stream, the gentle crashing of waves or the gentle pitter patter of rain. On top of this ambient background, there are a set of induction and suggestion sentences containing a relaxing vocal guide with both English and French voices to choose from and, if you feel so inclined, you can share your favorite mixes on your favorite social network.
Deep Sleep is yet another pathway to help the problem sleeper to try to get a good night's sleep. This simple to use app gives you plenty of options to customize your sounds and is very convenient to have sitting on your smartphone or tablet next to the bed. You can configure the duration of your session from anything from 5 to 60 minutes and create your own mixes or choose the auto mode to create your own personalized relaxation mix according to your desire of the moment. The app was created by the experienced health and fitness developers at VersaCom in France who have produced hundreds of health programs over the last 10 years. Let's hope that Deep Sleep can help you and yours get a good nights sleep. Bon nuit, readers.

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