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Give enemy clouds the finger with this fast and addictive iOS game

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Defend tiny, peaceful cities from menacing enemy clouds. Your weapon is your finger; It has the ... More

Editor's review

Published 18 Aug 2015

There are all sorts of online games to play out there. Some are fairly intellectual and some are more complicated strategy games. Some are addictive puzzle games - and we know which ones they are, don't we? And then there are the 'adrenaline rush' games. These are the ones that challenge mental reflexes, push concentration levels to new highs and test the speed of your reaction. Deflecto is one of those games. It's an iOS game that features nine tricky levels of intense arcade action where you use your finger to deflect menacing enemy clouds away from nine tiny and peaceful 3d isometric cities.

Deflecto is an addictive action arcade game for iPhone and iPad that will keep you playing for hours as you try to better your score. The idea is to defend tiny, peaceful cities from menacing enemy clouds - and the meteors that come with them - that bludgeon them into oblivion. The only weapons that you have at your disposal, however, are the reflexes of your finger and the speed of your brain. Your finger has the power to deflect whatever these angry clouds drop on you. Just tap the meteors to send them back toward the clouds and ultimately destroy them. Alternatively, you can just drag your finger over multiple objects to deflect many of them with one quick swipe. To boost your cities health you have to find the hidden eggs and collect their falling gems. Don't get too cocky too early though. The more clouds you destroy, the faster and trickier they become - and your fingers have to get quicker too. The game features many different types of meteors to deflect and power-ups to boost your deflection power. The graphics are cool and nicely animated with an original chip tune soundtrack and amusing sound effects to keep both your eyes and ears happy.

If you like your online gaming experience to have some intense and addictive action to it then Deflecto could well be the game for you. It features nine levels of intense action and is one of those games that seems easy to play at first but gets a damned sight harder to master as you go along. The graphics are minimalist but look pretty 3d cool. When i looked at feedback on the game while doing some research i noticed that one player made the comment that "if you loved Pong, Asteroids, Breakaway or Minecraft you'll love Deflecto" and I can totally see that. Whether you are looking for a great little time waster or want a game to play as you commute to work (preferably not whilst driving) Deflecto will certainly hold your attention span.

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