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Published 8 Oct 2011

I have no doubt that there are still some businesses out there guilty of the heinous crime of half-hearted marketing campaigns. In fact I’ve worked for one and if there was a referral fee up for grabs I’d be the first one bashing on the CEO’s door and pointing him in the direction of this site.

The scattergun approach to marketing campaigns generally follows the same rule. Expend a lot of hot air and part with some serious cash to get something looking professional and eye catching, fire it off to the world and then forget about it and wonder why the phones aren’t ringing and the inbox isn’t bursting with new enquiries.

Knowing your market is the fundamental element that gives you the ability to then sell to it. And knowing what the market is likely to want rather than what you hope it wants is another great advantage., through its Demand Real-Time ID Service, lets you know just who is visiting your website making it easier to customize a strategy and approach before any interaction. Not only will it give you the name of the potential customer it will also let you in on its size, location and revenue generation.

So rather than slapping yourself on the back because your website has had a thousand anonymous (and probably fruitless) hits, find out who they are and customize and direct your marketing efforts in a more dynamic way.

The application can also be plugged in to your existing CRM system to provide customer ID details at the point they complete a web form. The advantage here is that you can scale down the size of your forms and make them more user friendly whilst not missing out on critical commercial information.

Using Demandbase will certainly up your game in respect of knowing your customer. In fact you’ll know more about them than they ever thought they’d given you.

Could it be the death knell for finger in the air marketing campaigns? I hope so

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