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Demolition Dodge is currently available for free on both Apple and Android phones via their App stores as well as on Facebook.

Demolition Dodge offers an addictive and immersive gaming experience for all ages. Race your way around the arena, collecting stars and dodging your opponents who try their best to get in your way!

• Dodge your opponents to survive as long as you can.
• Collect the stars for an extra time bonus!
• Complete missions to unlock new cars, from retro classics to high-end performance.
• Collect bonuses to freeze your opponents, make yourself invisible, or get a nitrous boost!
• Look out for the handy repair spanner to replenish up to 50% of your health bar.
• Submit your score to find out your world ranking and to enter our exclusive competition to win £1,000!

The game makes the most of smooth, fingertip touch controls to offer a seamless driving experience complemented by quirky country music and realistic crash sound effects.

Demolition Dodge offers players the opportunity to post their scores on Facebook and Twitter making it a socially competitive experience, as players will be able to compete against their friends to win top spot.

There are also real life prizes up for grabs including a £1,000 top prize, plus monthly giveaways.

Last updated 20 Dec 2014

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