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Published 21 Sep 2016

It's all very well for businesses to come up with updated configurations of their product with the aim of making them even more efficient - but it can be an altogether different matter when trying to put those ideas into practise. If you use a case and task management system like Salesforce it can be quite a task in itself to always have the most recent version of a project available and to be able to differentiate between the development and production models. Unfortunately, the problems don't end there. Even when you've successfully identified the latest configuration there's often a problem when attempting to migrate it into the system. That's where DeployPKG comes in very handy.

Configuration changes are happening so quickly and in so many different environments these days that it's become very difficult to maintain a stable configuration database. The challenge becomes bigger when the changes database isn't automated and you are simply dealing with a set of documents - meaning their deployment has to be prepared based purely on them alone. This often brings up problems and foreshadows the preparation and execution of its deployment in Salesforce. This has been known to take several days of trial and error in order to have a set of well-configured packages ready to deploy.

DeployPKG reduces dramatically the time needed to prepare the deployment and also lessens the risk of moving unauthorized changes between your development environment and your target environment. This web-based app offers...