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Salesforce deployment made quicker and easier

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Published 21 Sep 2016

[cont'd] a simple and quick solution for deploying the latest configuration of your project to your Salesforce Cloud Project account. What's more, it keeps all the details of your project organizations, environments, releases, packages and deployments, saving you time and making working life just a little bit simpler. Over the life cycle of a project your configurations will probably evolve many times - to the point where there will be several updated versions. DeployPKG tracks all these changes under a new Release and creates Packages with them. You can Package your configuration changes in just a few clicks using the inbuilt Wizards feature and deploy them to as many different environments as you like whilst keeping track of the status of each. However, as a safety net you should always save your Packages as ZIP files and keep a backup of your configuration locally.

The app organises all the different Sandboxes that come with your Salesforce Production environment and keeps them conveniently together under one roof. It's simple to create a report with your environment metadata information whether it be for your Sandbox objects, your Picklists or your Profiles etc. Then you can simply integrate the reports with your project documentation. In fact, you can create a report with all the packages in a Release - including the content of each package and the deployments done in each package - and then integrate the reports with the project documentation. Finally, You can create a report showing the differences between two...