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Salesforce deployment made quicker and easier

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Published 21 Sep 2016

[cont'd] environments. Not only the Sandbox Objects, but also the Picklist values and translations, the Profiles and even the PermissionSets. DeployPKG lets you keep track of all your environments as well as letting you to download the configuration metadata for each of them while also keeping track of the Release version applied to each of them. If you need to have them available in different countries, you can easily configure translations for all your Picklist values into one of any supported languages.

Deploying the latest configuration of your project has long been considered as a major challenge for a team and something that, up till now, has often taken days to achieve. However, it doesn't have to. While there are free tools available on the market to solve this problem, most are complicated and involved. Unless you have a degree in computer management - or are simply a geek - you'll probably be flummoxed by the prospect. There are paid tools out there that will make it easier but they can be a little pricey. DeployPKG is a cost effective answer to the problem with time saved and ease of use making its price worthwhile. This Windows desktop deployment app is available to download right now. It provides the connection to all of your environments and can be triggered whenever you need it.