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Developer description

In Desert Chase you will control Chase Johnson, powerful, natty and heroic character, which has to run through and through endless desert and defeat many obstacles and enemies. To make matters worse, he has only limited supply of water and in these bleak conditions, every drop counts.

It truly won’t be easy; there are soliders, mummies and even camels in his way. To help him in his chase you can use and upgrade many power-ups, like Boost or Shield. As a reward for all these obstacles, you get coins, achievements and many more. And if over 200 missions aren’t enough, there is a special Australian Mode or over 35 clothes parts to equip.

Main Features:

• Endless running = endless fun!

• Amazing HD graphics – optimized for Retina displays!

• Over 35 clothing parts to equip – play as a Mafia Boss, a Prisoner or a Mummy!

• Many power-ups to use and upgrade (Shield, Boost, Coin Magnet, Coin Doubler, Golden Pot) – be super-powerful!

• Australian Mode – play upside down and triple the coins!

• Gorgeous and funny skeletal animations, allowing for the smoothest moves ever!

• Over 200 missions to complete and show off your skills!

• Compete with your friend in Game Center leaderboards and earn many achievements!

• Using the 64bit processor of iPhone 5S and iPad Air for maximum performance!

No camels were harmed in the making of the game!

Last updated 8 Dec 2013