Developer description

Introducing Design Duet, a new iPhone app for viewing your Photoshop canvas on your iPhone.

Design Duet connects to Photoshop over your WiFi network, and allows you to view and share an image of your canvas live as you edit it in Photoshop.

Interface designers can use this to see designs in real-time on their iPhone and send to clients, friends, and anyone using the Save and Share feature.

Design Duet also includes photoshop document templates for iOS devices right inside the app menu for easy access. So you can quickly create iPhone interfaces, backgrounds, and marketing screens in Photoshop then see how they look directly on your device without having to save or transfer files manually.

- Automatically detects Photoshop instances running on your WiFi Network (no need to enter your IP address).
- Preview your Launch Images, App Store screenshots, App prototypes, and Mobile Photoshop designs easily on your device without having to export and transfer.
- Save preview image to your Camera Roll.
- Share flattened image via Email, SMS, and More (incl. Popular Social Networks)
- Contains Photoshop document presets for creating designs for the iPhone 5 and iPhone 4/S resolutions.
- Intuitive Interface.
- Easy to setup with simple instructions.
- Full screen viewer with 3 different zoom levels: 50%, 100%, and Aspect Fit.
- Works in Portrait and Landscape Mode.
- Works for previewing retina designs.
- Works over your local WiFi connection.
- PNG and JPEG preview modes.
- Remembers your Photoshop Remote Connection password for future use.

What is Design Duet?
Design Duet is a second screen for Photoshop.
Design Duet is a quick way to share Photoshop creations with your iPhone.
Design Duet is a helpful tool for mobile app designers.
Design Duet is on the App Store.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015

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