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Published 3 Oct 2011

If you've asked for a quote from a High Street design company for your company logo and design campaign you will probably have been taken aback by the price.  DesignInARK is a business domain design tool that can meet all your design needs at a cost effective price by using talented freelancers who are skilled in web design. DesignInARK also holds regular design contests.
If you need a logo, stationery design, packaging or product design or even a name for your new business, DesignInARK's network of designers and writers are there to turn your concept into an array of innovative ideas. They achieve this in a cost effective way by outsourcing to a worldwide network of freelance designers very experienced in all aspects of web design. Whether it is a simple print design like a book cover, an invitation, a web page or a theme for your blog, DesignInARk will assign the right freelancers to the job to ensure your happiness with the final product. You can even work with the designers to revise the proposed designs as many times you need. Finally, and possibly most importantly, it making use of crowdsourcing which may well lessen your odds of being sold a copyright restricted company logo as  most crowdsourcing internet sites contain copyright reporting tools.

DesignInARK is a very professional unit. Just the pure look of it is all business. Maybe it's time to take your business away from the guy at the print shop around the corner and get serious with it. The difference between your guy around the corner and these guys is that DesignInArk are a team of expert freelancers experienced in all facets of design from print to web to visual to sound. it also enables you to tie all of your design work together rather than hiring 3 or 4 different companies who then have to liaise. It's much simpler to have all your design ideas under one roof.

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