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DeskTime is a real-time time tracking and productivity software for Macs and PCs. DeskTime shows ... More

Editor's review

Published 3 Dec 2011

If you've ever been in a situation at work where you have been the paymaster you will know what a time consuming and thankless task it can be. Having to chase up whether Charlie worked last Friday night and figuring out if Rose really was half an hour late this morning. You never get plaudits for paying the correct amount of wages each week but you'll sure as hell hear about it if you haven't paid them enough. DeskTime is a free real-time time tracking and productivity app that will give precise and automated times on when and when not your staff worked.

DeskTime is a easy, hassle-free real-time time tracking and productivity tool for Macs and PCs that shows when somebody showed up to work and for how long they worked. Timesheets can be so time-consuming and frustrating but DeskTime makes them quick and efficient to use and means ou can forget about your intricate Excel timesheets. It's a totally automatic service thats even available from your iPhone and Android and allows the paymaster to see what’s happening in the office in real-time. DeskTime gives you a simple analysis of time management data and shows you who's working and who's not. The other bonus, of course, is that it will lower your payroll processing costs with it's excellent fully-automated attendance tracking with no data entry needed. It's perfect for business owners, designers, developers, accountants and many others but is particularly beneficial for small and medium size businesses with employees who mainly work with computers.

Well the strange thing that comes up here though is that companies have reported that DeskTime helps to increase attendance and employee motivation. Whether that is because they feel as if they are being watched more closely or not I don't know but sometimes the end justifies the means. All your beautifully presented reports are delivered directly to your email on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. DeskTime is a easy to use and navigate time tracking free app that can't be'll save you time and money.

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