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Published 6 Aug 2020

In the early days of app development it was always a topic of much amusement that many people would have heaps of apps on their smartphones yet would rarely use any of them. It's all changed now, of course. These days our lives are virtually run by apps whether it is to communicate with our friends and family, plan our public transport, buy goods and services, watch videos or to simply do a Google search . When it comes to our business lives there has been a complete revolution that has made it possible to run the whole business using a variety of apps for everything from accounts to worldwide communication to customer relationship management. In fact, we use so many that it's starting to become a bit of a problem when trying to locate them all and utilizing them to their full potential. 

So, it's a sign of the times that there is now a way for individuals, businesses and teams to better organize their web apps and bookmarks so that they are more accessible. is an organizational tool that allows you to sort, tag and search for your web apps and keep them at your fingertips under one simple and convenient icon. Users can create multiple 'desktops' and split their apps into various categories for even greater convenience. One stream can be for business and one for personal use (and any other category you would like) and all are available 'under one...