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Add a beautifully designed series of app-populated desktops for each of your projects and teams

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With, individuals, businesses and teams can get organized and work smarter online ... More

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Published 15 Feb 2022

Are you able to focus on growing your business or does keeping track of information spread across apps and devices steal your time? Work desktop and browser tabs looking a bit cluttered? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a well-organized online desktop for each department, team or project? Everything in one place, everyone on the same page, and so on? Well, now you can. offers easy-to-use customizable digital workspaces that can be populated with your tools and online content that relates to a specific project or a team. Even better - you’ll also be able to keep conversations and meetings right there, separated and organized, limiting context switching and boosting collaboration within the team. gives you beautifully designed, versatile, fully shareable and secure digital workspace that keeps you and your teams better organized, while also providing a much-needed overview of your entire online work environment. It’s simply a smarter way to work online. 

Organised Desktop


The’s universal chat makes it possible to chat with ANYONE - even users of other chat apps, such as Slack - right from your account. Simply invite anyone with an email address and get to work. It makes it easier to communicate across businesses as well as with external parties, partners, clients and others. High-end voice calling and full HD video meeting functionality is also included. 

Desktops for teams is a secure, long-term and sustainable way to manage all of your online resources and collaborate online. Manage multiple projects or businesses with ease, with seamless multiple account support and integrated password manager. The ability to distribute SaaS apps, key knowledge and even passwords make onboarding a new team member a better experience both for the business and the individual team member, regardless if they are in the other room, the next city or on the other side of the world.

What’s more,'s integrated app store puts thousands of the best web apps at your fingertips. Enjoy convenient 1-click access or quick-import your all your favorite apps and bookmarks in one swoop using the browser extension. 

Ideal for the modern way of working, can be used as both a desktop, hybrid and mobile app (available in both Google Play and Apple App Store). Choose between a Free plan, Pro Plan (most popular) with 14 day free trial or an Enterprise plan.  

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