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Access all your apps fast across a better desktop

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Published 6 Aug 2020

[cont'd] roof'' so to speak. Streams are completely shareable with family or fellow team members and will follow you on any device whether it be PC, Mac or mobile. It even has its own app store where you can search for and add any other apps that might prove useful. delivers a smart and beautifully organized way to manage, find and use web-based resources from anywhere and at any time you like. In a business sense you can make life easier by creating sections for productivity, communication, project management and design, for example. The intuitive UI means that new apps will be automatically filed under their correct section and you'll never have to go hunting for them ever again. You'll be able to find them in a moment because they are right there in the one place inside your

So, no more endlessly scrolling and searching through bookmark lists to find the app that you need when you need it. has been designed specifically for collaboration and you can share apps, links or your entire desktop with just a click. What's more, it's simple to invite members or external guests to join so that they can have the benefit of your well-organized app desktop. It's simple and convenient to separate your business desktop from your personal one and you can even create different desktops for different teams. However, you'll still be able to switch from one...