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Access all your apps fast across a better desktop

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Published 6 Aug 2020

[cont'd] account to another in a second or two with everything still just a click or two away. While will revolutionize the way you work, the plan is to add new features on a regular basis. offers a free plan for personal use (with a premium plan with full free features as well as a family plan with personal accounts for up to 5 family members coming soon) and there's a 7 day free trial for business use so you can check if it is right fit for your business. The business plan for teams will only cost you 8 bucks per month with an even better Enterprise plan Available soon. Either way, it's pretty much guaranteed to save you time because the powerful search engine will find what you are looking for in quick time no matter how many desktops your apps are spread across. There's only one sign on page and your desktops will be accessible across any of your devices.