Developer description

Curb your teen driver's urge to text & drive with detext, a new, free safe driving mobile app that uses advanced technology to automatically restrict mobile phone activity when the device is being used in a moving vehicle. Parents simply install the detext app onto their child’s mobile phone, and the app will automatically begin blocking mobile device activities while the driver is in motion. The app also detects and alerts via SMS or email when teens are engaging in dangerous driving behavior such as speeding. Thanks to the detext safe driving app, your child’s mobile phone can now actually help protect them from dangerous distractions behind the wheel!

The detext app, available for Android devices, utilizes advanced technology to automatically detect when the phone is in a moving vehicle and disable text messaging, phone calls, and other distracting activities from the driver. Parents can easily customize their child’s phone restrictions and keep track of their safe driving habits—from anywhere!—using detext’s convenient web dashboard. The detext app also sends parents real-time alerts, via SMS or email, whenever their child is speeding, enabling passenger access, or disabling the detext app’s settings. Now, parents can safeguard their kids against mobile driving distractions, with the free detext safe driving app from SpectorSoft. Just go to to get your free download.

Last updated 15 Dec 2012