Developer description

With detli you can create and publish your deets to a webpage in minutes. This is ideal for creating a page for a wide range of deets such as your virtual business card, information about your business, your creative work, public notices and more!

Social media is great for sharing information, but it gets buried and lost in the fast paced social media world in a matter of days, your hard work and details could never see the light of day again. With a page dedicated to your deets, you can share and find them forever in the same place which is accessible through two urls: and We also provide you with over a dozen social network buttons so you can share your deets on the social network from a centralized location.

With our editor you'll be able to change the look and feel to suit your deets to anyway you would like. With lots of customisation options you'll get an exciting page published into cyber space for everyone to see. Make it professional in black & white or use all the colors in the digital rainbow, it is totally up to you!

Accounts are not required if you wish to publish your deets and forget about them. Or if you want more control, you can sign in with your facebook account and you'll be able to edit, delete and keep track of all your deets.

You won't need to worry about things like passwords, domains, hosting or coding. We take care of all that for you.

Ready to start publishing? Head over to our editor and take it for a spin.

Last updated 6 Dec 2015

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