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Track and locate your iDevice on the web if it's lost or stolen

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Published 13 Oct 2012

It's a sad state of the world but, whereas a few years ago it was household items like DVD players and computers that were getting stolen, these days one of the primary targets for thieves is your iDevice. Apple stores are being targeted and there was a story the other day of a car plunging into a shop in the US and having its entire stock of iPhone 5 stolen. Theirselves are even targeting people on the street. And with the price of iOS items pretty hefty they can get a good resale price on them and, it seems, everyone wants one. So how do you protect your iDevice. Well, one way is to use a GPS application like Device Tracker that tracks your iPhone or iPad wherever it may be.
Device Tracker is a real GPS tracker for your iPhone or iPad where you can track your iPhone or iPad anytime and anywhere from the web. It does this by keeping a track of your device's location history and lets you check it on the web anytime! Now, it might well be that your phone or tablet is just lost - you know what kids' bedrooms are like? If it's lost you can track it and if it is out of battery or turned off you will still have its last known location, to within 35ft, before the phone lost power. Apps like Device Tracker are one of the reasons why we chose iDevices in the...