Developer description

DiaLife, a free iOS application intended for diabetics, professional athletes and people concerned with the quality of their nutrition. Now available to millions of iPhone and iPad users across the world, the app enables them to easily monitor the key parameters of their meals and keep glucose levels within set limits to sustain healthy diversity and safety of their diets.

The app targets a very broad audience: from individuals paying attention to the quality of their nutrition and keeping a certain diet to professional athletes losing weight before important competitions. One of the key purposes of DiaLife is to become an indispensable aide for diabetics through the use of fast and convenient glucose level calculation tools and an integrated database of glycemic indices, the largest and the most comprehensive among all similar solutions.

The interface of the application consists of five sections, each responsible for a major aspect of the health monitoring process: a calorie calculator, a physical activity calculator, dishes, rations and a diary. Combined, these features provide an easy way of calculating daily calorie intake and spending, configuring typical multi-component meals for quick access in the future, planning diets and keeping a detailed log of weight loss efforts. An indispensable app for any weight-conscious person, DiaLife offers one of the most lightweight, intuitive and user-friendly interfaces among similar solutions, and features a remarkably fast, comprehensive and ergonomic real-time search for ingredients and their nutritional properties. Products can be searched in real time using the initial characters of each word – that is, “roast turkey breast” can be entered as “ro tu br”. Unlike many of its competitors relying on external data sources, DiaLife requires no Internet connection and can be used anytime, anywhere.

Last updated 14 Feb 2014