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Dont let just any Tom, Dick or Harriett have your real mobile number

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DialMask offers phone numbers with local area codes for making and ... More

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Published 14 Oct 2015

One of the more painful things about giving out your mobile phone number to people that you don't really know is that you are instantly vulnerable. If it’s a business that has your number, the chances are you'll be getting follow up calls offering 'the deal of a lifetime' for the next few weeks. While that's not so bad if you are at home receiving the call, you really don't want random phone calls while you are at work, out for dinner or - worst of all - when you are driving. DialMask is a very useful phone privacy app for iOS that offers an unlimited amount of substitute phone numbers so that you don't have to give out your real number to any Tom, Dick or Harriett you meet. Each number allows calls and texts to be delivered to your mobile but the callers will never have your real number.

DialMask offers phone numbers with local area codes for making and receiving calls and texts. You can create as many as you like with each number being a separate line that will ensure that your real number stays private. Incoming calls and texts are received like normal but will not show up on your mobile device logs. It is perfect to use when you need to give out your number but want to maintain a layer of privacy.

DialMask is most useful when replying to classified ads, contacting new people on your social networks or...