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Dont let just any Tom, Dick or Harriett have your real mobile number

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Published 14 Oct 2015

[cont'd] if you are using dating websites and aren't ready yet to hand over your private phone details. To prevent the obligatory 'follow up' call, the app works great on registration forms or when hiring a service provider like an electrician, a house mover, painter or a plumber etc. You can even use it to manage your own small business so you don't get unwanted business calls on your mobile after hours.

With DialMask, you choose your own private number and manage it within the app. There are no contracts involved and you simply pay as you go for voice and text allowances with 'topping up' of your funds a simple process when you need it. Costs start at US$2.00 per private number with the cost of a call starting at 4.5¢ per minute and text messaging at 2.5¢ per text. The app is very flexible and you can delete your number at any time or choose to delete it once your credit has expired. Once its been deleted the number has gone from your life forever. All call and text logs are contained within the app and will never appear on your regular mobile record log.

Identity protection has never been as important as it is these days. Mobile phone numbers are considered public information so, taking into account the amount of hacking and data breaches we hear about daily, it's probably wise to introduce an element of privacy into our...