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Published 25 Nov 2011

This presents an interesting concept of conflicting emotions. Here I am reviewing a site that provides just the sort of service that has resulted in me now refusing to answer my telephone! If I had a dollar for every time I’d risen from my desk, my train of thought in tatters, only to hear the recorded tones of an ambulance chaser telling me how much cash I could be due if I’d recently been involved in an accident I’d be able to retire.

Still what is it they say, don’t shoot the messenger and I suppose dialmycalls.com is only providing the tools to enable these messages to be transmitted so I’ll calm down.

I don’t think I need to explain the mechanics in any great detail. The system can send your recorded voice or uploaded text message to a list of up to 200,000 phone numbers within seconds. The sheer number capability here hints that it’s not aimed at friends sending partyinvitations, besides they’d probably use Facebook for that. No, this app is really aimed at business marketing campaigns.

Whilst the site suggests a homely vision of using the service to invite friends round for a Thanksgiving dinner the level of reporting available would seem to say this method might be a little over the top. With detailed call reports and pie charts showing the result of all calls you’d need a dining table the size of a football pitch to make the exercise worthwhile.

One final word on the reports and I’d be happy to hear some feedback on this one. Whilst the results feature shows the time the call was made it doesn’t seem to show when an answered call was ended. Calls are either listed as unanswered and therefore unsuccessful or answered and successful. I can only assume that when the likes of me slam the receiver down in frustration within a nano second we’re ticked off as a great success.


I think this type of system probably has its place if a local or national emergency needs to be transmitted to a great number of people very quickly. Unfortunately the vast number of businesses using it means that if you’re like me then you’ve either stopped answering your phone unless you recognize the number or you slam it down the second you realize it’s a recording. It’s a shame because if someone hits the red button by mistake and the doomsday machine goes up I’ll be none the wiser. At least I won’t lose my train of thought for a few more seconds though.

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