Developer description

Manually entering everything you do throughout as a developer, designer, marketing person, or project manager throughout the day sucks. However, keeping your team up to date is an absolute necessity, so people have stand-up meetings in the morning, or use other products to manually track everything they accomplish. DidLog is the first product that allows you to automatically share with your team what you accomplished. By plugging into the cloud based products people already use every day (GitHub, Dropbox, Trello, Google Drive & Calendar, and more on the way) DidLog will automatically populate a beautifully designed timeline with your activities. You can then share this timeline with your team or client, and just like that everyone is now constantly up to date on what is getting done. Each log also contains the source file that was worked on, so if you want to see what changes your fellow developer made you have a direct link to GitHub, or if you want to see who attended the sales meeting you can view the calendar event. So no longer do you have to rely on everyone remembering what they did at the morning stand-up, and developers can stop justifying their job by showing what they're really getting done every day. Every morning, DidLog also generates an e-mail that provides a full summary of what was accomplished the day before. So before you get to work, you already know what everyone accomplished, which makes stand up meetings a lot shorter and more productive, and you can immediately address any problems or concerns you may have. It's currently free to use and we're always looking for suggestions and feedback on what new services and features we should add to make an even better experience for you and your team.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015