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Reflex-intensive gaming action that turns into an adrenaline rush

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Tap the button to gain points, but watch out for the death button. A warning will happen before ... More

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Published 1 Nov 2016

There are so many different types of games on the app market these days with each catering to a slightly different audience. Some like intricate puzzle games that force you to use your brain while some are fonder of the simple shoot-em-up style games that are all about reaction times and accuracy rather than logic and strategy. The most popular ones tend to be the 'Candy Crush' style games that test one's observatory skills and the role-playing games that sees the player pitted against an evil nemesis. Not everyone loves games like those, however. Some like games like this one...

The imaginatively titled Die is an adrenaline ride. This new Android game made by indie developer Swill is all about concentration, persistence and sheer strength of character. It will test your reflexes to the nth degree. It's a simple enough game to get your head around. The idea is to tap the button as fast as you can while it is in gray mode in order to get points. You're safe just as long as the button doesn't turn red. Sounds easy enough so far, doesn't it? The problems arise when you see the warning signs that the death button is imminent. Then you're in trouble.

The whole idea of Die is to get to 170 points by furiously clicking the button as fast as you can while it is safe and active. You heard it right!  Believe me, you'll know what...