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The app is an original hallucination inducing abstract app. - it certainly works on me. I hope ... More

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Published 17 Mar 2012

Without a doubt, Digital Acid is one of the weirdest apps for iPhone that I've come across so far. It's an art mashup video tool that features a bunch of supposedly hallucinagenic films accompanied by their own equally trippy soundtracks. The idea behind Digital Acid is that it's virtually a digital drugs image that works by playing the video and staring at the centre of the screen and then staring at your hand to get the desired hallucinogenic effect. I can hear you laughing now but...give it a try.
Digital Acid claims to be an original hallucination inducing abstract app. The developers hope you see it for its uniqueness and simple yet effect visual design and have put together a suitably cool soundtrack to go with the trippy images. Basically, this art video tool does for your iPhone what staring at the sun does for your eyes - except that you don't go blind using Digital Acid. It features five different themed hallucination inducing videos which are actually all really interesting looking artworks. Each different animation is accompanied by its own unique musical score. What you really have to do, and im not joking here, is to use follow these simple instructions. Get comfy on the couch with your best munchies by your side and elect the appropriate hallucination video from the five supplied. Relax and stare into the centre of the screen until you hear a high pitched drone indicating you should stop and...