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Tune in, Turn On, Trip out!

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Published 17 Mar 2012

[cont'd] move to the next step. Then, and this is the point of the exercise, stare at your hand or any other nearby object and slip into hallucinogenic bliss and enjoy the sensation.
You think I'm joking here, don't you. I bet you just checked the date to see if it is April Fools Day. Seriously, Digital Acid is a rather cool, free art app with benefits. Choosing a hallucinogenic video is a bit like that Alice In Wonderland scene - will you take the blue pill or will it be the pink one - before staring at your hand and alleviating the need for expensive drugs. Now there's one thing you should probably take into account when taking Digital Acid. It's cloud based so you can use it anywhere you have access to an Internet connection but that doesn't mean it's cool to nip down the local mall and trip out in front of the department store - chances are you'll get arrested.