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Published 27 Oct 2011

The guys behind this app have put some serious thought into it and anyone with a web based business will surely find some of its features provide for eye opening analysis.

I won’t begin to list all of the functions to be found on digmydata.com as the site has very detailed guides on how to set the system up to produce every kind of chart and graph you could possibly need to tell you the inside story on your website business. Suffice to say, without the ability to actually meet your customers face to face, gauge their feelings and get an overall feel for customer mood you’ll get the next best thing here and more.

Digmydata.com uses the information hidden within your websites activity to extract all kinds of important data such as visits, orders, emails and actual sales. These activities are then reported back in an easy to understand graph format showing traffic by month and sales conversion rates amongst other stats. By adding a PayPal account to the mix you can include actual revenue plotted on a monthly basis too.

Knowing how these customers are landing on your site is important information that will allow you to concentrate on productive areas and digmydata.com can let you know just where the visits originated from.

The system doesn’t just magic these numbers out of thin air once you’ve signed up and you will have to do some work to get it to run the functions you want. Don’t let this put you off though as the guides I mentioned earlier give clear step-by-step instructions

Set up properly, the information extracted from you website and converted into graphs and charts will help you spot trends at a glance along with potential problem areas needing further attention. And although you have no shop counter to gossip at you’ll know where your customers came from, and of all those that did come along, just how many left with something.

No longer do you have to stay in the dark about the goings on in your website business. The information is already there you just need something to help you dig it out. Digmydata.com can do that.

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