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Developer description

Collective memory was firstly introduced by French philosopher and sociologist Maurice Halbwachs; this concept refers to the shared pool of memories from two or more members of a certain group. Taiwan startup DIITU, as a brand of collective memory, with its mission to remember the world, is providing a simple experience to link and share people’s touching moments. DIITU App would like to transform each mobile into unique Time Machine, bringing user back and forth to the time and enjoy the touching memory with whom around their lives.
Group remembers more than each individual, we usually form our memory by participating events like family gatherings, parties, weddings, corporate events, or crowd events like sport games, or concerts. While people are merely instruments, DIITU believes the sharing and grouping of a certain collection of events, locations and images should be systematically linked to create a different social network that is not based on individual experience but rather on a group experience. This is DIITU, an elegant service optimized for life stories, event moments or brand memories.
DIITU is initiated from a Father’s love. When being a Father (or Mother), he(or she) would realize how precious those captured moments of family events, including images and warm interactions; these are memories no one wants to forget, not to mention a lost of any piece. However, the existing social networks, web albums, or cloud drives all stated to share the event moments but usually offer bad experience, because friend’s photos or comments during the gathering are oft scattered among their timelines, not to mention the event participants may not in any of social relationship. This never solves people’s pain point and DIITU wants to release the pain with a brand new memory network and the concept of time machine which everyone can easily collect event memory and view its entirety.
In order to reveal the group moments, DIITU has developed a collective memory engine and ranking algorithms to calculate and classify when and what users record and share their experiences of a certain event, and then subsequently link all associated information to create a “Time Wall” of the said event, completely presenting the event and the joy during the time. As a service optimized for memory, DIITU starts with the smart album segmented by different events. Adding Time Wall into the album, DIITU memorizes a time getting along with friends, family or even a friendly stranger sitting next to you. It captures the warm at the moment and would like to keep this warm in DIITU where people could read and reveal the touching moments anytime.
Memory is such personal and self-oriented, DIITU takes serious consideration of privacy and data security, only the shared information will be linked in the Time Wall; only the pre-approved information will be stored in the Cloud. To ensure a better user experience, not only it designs an intuitive and elegant UI to simplify the flow to fulfill people at all ages, DIITU can also be linked up with other popular social networks like Facebook, etc. for an easier sharing function. Memory is the greatest blessing to human beings because thoughts and feelings to be conserved, and then pass on to the next generation. DIITU aims to be the soul of tree in Avatar, having memory network and time machine to cherish people memories, and being a carrier to move on and then pass on the earth’s every moment to the next era. Time passes, DIITU reveals.
AWARDS: - 2014.8 Top 5 in TechCrunch Beijing 2014, Beijing, China - 2014.1 Winner of Designmodo Startup Design Framework Contest New York, USA - 2013.9 Innovation Award in Demo China 2013, Hangzhou, China “This is the best idea I heard today”

Last updated 6 Aug 2015