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Developer description

The "Din-Dong Adventure" is a hide-and-seek-puzzle mobile game available for iOS.

One day, Din-Dong (癲噹) discovered winning the lucky lottery. Players take the role of Din-Dong to unlock all the puzzle levels, going across four worlds against his friend "Dream-Her (賤香)" and to take his treasure from the lucky lottery.

We are proud to say that the "Din-Dong Adventure" is the one of the rare iOS puzzle games that introduces a well-known local comic character, created by local comic artist, from comic book into a game world. The Din-Dong that is a silly pet cat, loves eating, joyful and full of dreams with positive energy, is a well-known local comics character in Hong Kong, created by "Postgal Workshop (貓室)". Its animated cartoon has an Jury Award in the Tokyo Asiagraph and screened on Japan BS TV Station. And it has been honored Famous Animation by Hong Kong International Film Festival. Its 3-meter statue figurine is featured at the Hong Kong Tsim Sha Tsui Comics Star of Avenue. The theme song of the game is composed by the well-known local indie band, "the pancakes".

Last updated 30 Oct 2013