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Keep easy records of your life with DioNote! Analog Emotions Expressed with Digital Ink!
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Editor's review

Published 16 Oct 2013

I think I've lost count on the amount of note-taking apps that have been made available over the last few years and many of them have proven to be very useful indeed. However, very few have the ability to edit and add to your notes and offer the flexibility and functionality as this one. DioNote is a new note-taking application that is very easy to use and gives you the ability to create handwritten as well as typed notes & text that can then be edited as well as illustrated with drawings and photos. This slick looking and classy writing and editing application slips right in your pocket for total convenience.
DioNote is a great note-taking app for Android that uses the very catchy little byline that says that it allows you to capture the important parts of your life using analog emotions expressed using digital ink! No more hunting for a pen and paper and no more digital handwritten texts that can't be edited. DioNote is a unique application that allows you to write memos using your own handwriting as well as illustrating them with freehand drawings. It uses the latest digital technology to recognize and convert your handwriting and then save it as a text. Then you can easily edit your handwritten text using a simple cursor to it in the same way that you would in a normal text on screen. You can edit both handwritten text and normal text on the same page without any distinction between the two styles and switch between the two in an instant. DioNote achieves all this by saving the stroke data of your handwritten memos with great accuracy and allows you to easily search for your handwritten memos as quickly as other memos that have been created with normal text methods. The user-friendly interface lets you create notebooks and organize your memos in each - much like folders. You can share your memos on social networks or use them in other apps like Evernote, Google Drive or Dropbox and decorate them by adding your own image or photo to the notebook cover.
DioNote is a superior note-taking application that offers huge versatility. It lets you switch between your handwritten notes and regular text in an instant as well as providing all the tools you need to write, draw and illustrate as well as being able to add photos. It is the perfect app to keep in your pocket and take memos at lectures, record the minutes of a meeting or summarize an agenda at a conference. On a simpler and more social note it lets you sketch ideas quickly, draw up a travel plan, make a checklist or even jot down a recipe fast, if it comes to that. Add a few photos and you have the full picture. Use DioNote once and you might well find that it quickly becomes your preferred note-taking application that can be used at home or in the office.

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