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Developer description

Disk Revolution , a revolutionary game that fusion action, technology, color and an impossible desire to keep playing and collect any disk type and fusion them with each level. A disk color, a new level color, thats how it work pick any disk and change any level and obstacle in the game, a variety of disk types are waiting for your skill to get in touch with the game.
Technology is important, technology is the future, download it in your device and enjoy it. Swipe UP !! Swipe Down !! Jump and slow down that incontrolable speed . Take control of your disk and beat the game. Unlock all levels , collect all every disk. Gain gold by playing levels. Traps and obstacles are waiting. Be a king controlling your disk and show your friend you are better! The shiny game wait for you to experiment whatever you want to. Speed Up , get your coins and be ready to play! Disk Revolution is about a bunch of levels that must be completed and a bunch of disk types that must be collected, the gameplay is very simple but also dificult, you have to jump with a swipe up and slow with a swipe down.
The game is focused on its uniqueness of the graphics and gameplay. Try it now, We know you desire it!

Last updated 25 Mar 2015