Developer description

DiskCrypt is a very powerful utility that allows mobile phone users to encrypt all their valuable data on the fly. DiskCrypt works by encrypting all the data stored on the phones memorycard into one encryption volume. The volume is encrypted using the latest encryption standards with the passphrase. The encrypted volume is impossible to crack with the current technology and is specifically protected against bruteforce attacks and entropy attacks.
* The minimum password length required is 12 characters
* Once encryption has started there is no way to stop it
* We can not retrieve your password for you. If you loose your password, you have to uninstall and re-install the app again
* A minimum of 40% battery power is required for the app to encrypt your mobile, same for decryption Note! If your mobile shuts off during encryption or decryption all your mobile data will be lost.

Last updated 5 Apr 2015

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