Developer description

DittoBeat brilliantly mixes some simple music instructions (in the style of "Simon Says") with game aspects usually found in titles such as Dance Dance Revolution, RockBand or Guitar Hero. Even if it has some similarity with these games, DittoBeat has an unique approach in challenging players to echo back sequence patterns from changing musical segments (tapping, holding, ...). You can see DittoBeat in action here:

Here are the features that make DittoBeat captivating:
- Easy To Play. For each song in the game you only have to echo back the sequence pattern. Games can be played in Easy/Hard difficulty modes and you have a selection of exclusive upbeat electronic music.
- Exciting Gameplay. The gameplay lets you improve your rhythm and timing skills to upbeat electronic music. Players are given 3 life opportunities but be careful, once those are gone game is over!
- Global Ranking. Players are awarded combo and score points (with PowerUps that boost score) and based on that each gains a place in the global leadership (per song ranking). Even offline players can stay competitive by obtaining awards and collecting coins.
- Synchronization. Advanced synchronization settings provide a great experience on virtually any device (in portrait or landscape mode). New songs are added frequently and you'll automatically be able to play those too.

DittoBeat lets you test your skills and become the ultimate rhythmic copycat. The game is currently available for Android in the GOOGLE PLAY store ( ), but also soon for iOS.

Last updated 28 Apr 2015