Developer description

Diverse Worlds is a multiplayer game where players face each other in a fight, pick up awards and ranks, join alliances, and find and enhance new weapons. The entire action takes place in the same reality as that of the gamer, but enhanced with excellent gaming capabilities. The player's mobile phone is a universal tool in bridging the gap between the real world and enhanced reality. This is a universal attack and defense weapon, as well as a way to communicate with other players, and of course, a map.

The rich arsenal of firearms empowers fierce skirmishes between participants. Each weapon may be one of two types: ballistic or small arms. The player sets the direction of fire and performs either a straight line fire shot or a ballistic path shot inflicting damage to his rivals. High combat efficiency is rewarded with various bonuses and ranks.

Diverse Worlds does not place any limits on the time a player should spend in the game. When he leaves the fight, a virtual phantom stays in the game moving, defending and even accomplishing tasks for him. Moreover, unlike traditional computer games, Diverse Worlds does not want to pull the player out of his everyday life. The enhanced reality does not oppose everyday life, but instead, adds to it and enriches it, giving a player the chance to become virtually anyone in the game, from a cold-blooded killer to a strategy genius, and communicate with thousands of players all over the world and expand horizons.

Last updated 28 Feb 2014