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Just tell the app what kind of messages from what person to forward and who would you like to forward them to, and from there DIY SMS Forwarder will take care of everything without you having to forward the messages yourself. Features: 1. Specify phone numbers to forward the messages from. 2. Specify phone numbers to forward the messages to. 3. Can create forwarding rules 4. Can enable or disable forward messages. 5. View a history of the messages forwarded. 6. Can attach information of the original sender on the forwarded message. 7. Clean and easy to understand user interface for a great experience. 8. Support multiple languages Tips: 1. To stop forwarding messages, you may disable all rules. 2. Forwarding a sms message is actually sending a sms from your mobile phone, so you will be charged by your gsm operator.

Last updated 30 Mar 2015

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