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Do not forget your Pills is a famous App, which has been developed on the online platform and of which today the glorious version 2.0 has been released, offering many new features and improvements for a revolutionary new usage experience for all iPhone owners! For those who don’t already know Do not forget your Pills - it is everything that the name tells you: In our sometimes rather hectic lives and germs just waiting around every corner, it is very easy to forget to take the right medication at the right time, to give the vitamins and antibiotics to your kids or even to administer the medication for your elderly parents on time. Our app will remember everything for you, so that you are free to redirect your attention to other important things in your life!
The App has a very intuitive and simple layout, to give the user a great result. There are two main screens within the app: one to manage the various medications and people who have to take the medication and one to see the medication that is currently being taken, i.e. the active plans. And at the right time the App will sent you a reminder to take your medicine or to give it to someone else. Do not forget your Pills has also been selected as App of the Week in the Apple iTunes Store and is regularly used by hundreds and thousands of iPhone owners worldwide.
The innovative update released this week, number 2.0, offers many new features that use all the new possibilities that iOS 8 gives its users. It includes, among many more, the widget to get notifications and reminders directly in your daily calendar in your personal notification centre. The basic functions of the app have also been improved, such as the creation and planning of new plans, tracking the medication already taken and personalization of the sound of reminders.
Don’t ever forget to take your important medication again – download Do not forget your Pills now! Here are the links: Link Official Website Link APP STORE

Last updated 22 Mar 2015

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