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Editor's review

Published 29 Nov 2011

This is a simple and free app and if you’re a solo healthcare practitioner of any kind you could do a lot worse than have a serious look at it. There are far more important things to be getting on with without having to spend time organizing the appointment book and in the hands of DocMeln you can, to a certain extent, happily forget about that aspect of the day’s work.

The system works with patient’s electronic calendars and any email sent to them advising of a scheduled appointment contains a machine readable attachment recognizable by their email software which adds the details to their diary. The patient sees the details as well as how it fits in with the rest of their day which is a great feature.

Once an appointment is accepted confirmation is returned to DocMeln and appears on the schedule calendar in the relevant color code making it easy to see at a glance how the week is shaping up. Polite email reminders are also sent automatically to patients when an appointment is imminent which should reduce no shows as well as ensuring that the patient doesn’t miss out on what could be an important check-up.

There is a marketing aspect to this app as well and each practice gets a dedicated web page displaying services, hours of business and contact details, a pretty good bonus considering it’s a free app. Access to the system can also be given to patients who can log in via the web page and view and book appointments online making it a real two-way experience.


For a free app it has a lot going for it and there is no limit on the number patients and appointments it can handle. All in all it makes complete sense as far as I can see. 


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