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This app allows you to view and manage your Spreadsheets, Microsoft Word or PDF documents, Power Point presentations or text files on your iPhone, iPad or iPod.
You can transfer files from your device to your PC or Mac and vice versa through wifi or USB Or surf the web using the built-in browser and download files directly from the internet.

Using the premier document viewer, read your downloaded documents even when there is no internet connection available, for example while traveling in an airplane or at a place where 3G or wifi signal is low.

★ Lightweight office work in your pocket
★ Backup of documents
★ Quick access to spreadsheets, word or PDF documents, presentations, notes, memos
★ Basic word processing
★ Pocket Spreadsheet

★ Multiple File Format supported
★ Open Email attachments directly from your email
★ Send emails with file attachments
★ File moving, deleting, renaming, unzipping.
★ Organize your files in folders and sub-folder.
★ Text file creation
★ Files de-compression with UNZIP
★ Web Downloading - Using teh built-in internet browser
★ Superior PDF Reader, Import and Export.
★ Transfer from Mac/PC to iDevice and vice versa using USB cble
★ Transfer from Mac/PC to iDevice and vice versa using USB cble
★ Transfer from Dropbox Vice versa


Last updated 21 Jan 2013

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