Developer description

Document Manager for iOS is the all-in-one document and file manager for iOS.

It not only grants access to various clouds, but also comes with a text editor, vector drawing tool, optical character recognition and much, much more.

This short (incomplete) list should give a brief overview:
- Loading files and documents from and to clouds (Dropbox, iCloud, Google Drive, WD MyCloud, WiFi File Sharing)
- Zipping and unzipping files (.zip, .tar, .rat, 7zip)
- Document conversion (txt, rtf, md, html to txt, rtf, md, html)
- Converting files and documents to pdf for easy sharing: doc, docx, xls, notes, ps, eps, tiff, png, jpg, svg, websites, maps and many other fily types
- Optical character recognition for scanned documents
- Text editor for txt, rtf, md and html
- Vector drawing tool
- Document reader with audible output in 35 languages
- WiFi file sharing
- SMB, WD MyCloud and wireless connectivity

We haven't found any other app that packs this much functionality into a single app. Document Manager is the ultimate tool for business and office on-the-go, it allows easy sharing, editing and converting, even creating documents in different formats for many different purposes.

Last updated 15 Mar 2016

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