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Developer description

This is a useful format converter tool developed to convert format of MS word files from DOCM, DOCX, DOC and DOT to RTF. This tool is capable of converting multiple Word files of different formats like DOCX, DOC, DOCM and DOT to RTF format simultaneously. Need to convert format of MS word files to RTF is felt by users as RTF enjoys universal compatibility and is compatible with most word processers and computer operating systems. This makes it best bet for those who need to post documents on internet or send word files as attachment to emails. No other format enjoys such compatibility. Let us take the example of DOCX. DOCX is file type of Windows 2007 which is an advanced version of windows operating system but users may face difficulty in opening DOCX files if not using Windows 2007. Also, most text editors don’t support formats other than RTF making RTF important for those needing to process files on text editor tools. To process word files on text editor tools users simply needs to convert the format to RTF. As all formats have some merits and demerits, different font converters adept at converting DOCX to RTF, RTF to DOC, DOC to RTF etc. are needed. ‘DOCX to RTF Converter’ is one such format converter tool. This tool can be used as DOCM to RTF converter, DOT to RTF converter, DOC to RTF converter or DOCX to RTF converter with similar ease. This is a fast and reliable tool and is compatible with different versions of windows.

Last updated 6 Aug 2015