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DogHeirs helps dog people connect to protect and care for our best friends. DogHeirs is a ... More

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Published 22 Oct 2011

To many of us our dogs are truly part of the family. Sometimes they are the pack leader and run the house as if it were their own but that's another story that you need to discuss with a certain Mr Cesar Millan. But while we are talking of dogs I'll introduce you to DogHeirs. A site that is all about dogs, dogs and more dogs. DogHeirs is passionate about helping dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives and helps dog lovers connect to protect and care for man's best friend.
DogHeirs is a community-driven pet health social network for dog people passionate about improving canine health and safety and helping dogs in need. Members can create profiles for their dogs to keep track of their medical and nutritional needs. They can investigate important care information and share information on health care for their dogs with their friends. Also included is NeighborHound Watch - an online broadcasting system for posting and receiving safety alerts for pets in local neighborhoods. They also produce BarQR products that utilize QR code technology for quick lost pet identification and instantly accessible health care information for caregivers when needed. Our members are passionate about helping dogs live longer, happier and healthier lives.

We would do anything for our pets, wouldn't we? And our canine friends are probably closer to us than the fish or the guinea pig, more than likely. So having a pet social network seems the next logical step. Not that they are sending witty barks and private messages to each other but DogHeirs contains so much information on the health and welfare of our dogs that it's a bit like having a vet in the house. If you are a dog lover you will definitely want to have a look at this very easy to use and informative free pet tool.

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