Developer description

Get to know London with secrets no other app will tell you! It's fast, it's easy, it's fun, it's Offline!!! All you need to do, is take a photo of something that caught your eye. With more than 200 points of interest per city, you will definitely find what you are looking at! Discover stories only the locals know, hidden statues or little pieces of history. The first real time travel guide is here!

How it works
- The app works using your phone's camera
- When you see a point of interest, just open DogKnows and point your camera to it.
- If you see a thumbnail of a building (or something that cought your eye) then you've got it! You found a really interesting location!
- Take a photo of it and the app will show you the info
- It works offline, you don't have to use WiFi or mobile data.
- The app gives you a range of 100m. So you have to be closer than 100m to see the thumbnail.

Last updated 29 Feb 2016