Developer description

Dogotchi is Tamagotchi - like retro-style game in which you may take care of and play with 12 adorable dogs. The more you take care of your puppy, the happier it is. And happy pet means pet growing fast. Take your time, feed it, clean it and play with it - all depends on you now!

At the beginning you have 3 unique breeds to choose. For every 2 dogs reaching adult stage, 3 more become unlocked. They are waiting for you - uncover them all!

Every dog has its own set of mini-games, that you unlock with progress.
There are 3 games per dog (12 total).

Customize whole game using colors you like.

All this and more in consistent eye-candy Tamagotchi - retro style!

★ Adopt and take care of 12 cute pixel dogs
★ Various games for different animals
★ Virtual pets and games unlockable with progress
★ Customization, animal & UI colors
★ Retro Tamagotchi-like graphics and 8-bit-style sounds, bring back memories of 90's
★ Multiple pets, switch to any of your pet whenever you want
★ Virtual pet simulation: feed, clean, sleep, play and more to do with your dog
★ Pets can die if you don't care about them

First 3 breeds are: Old English Sheepdog, Husky and Pug!
More of breeds unlock when you reach adult stages with them.

Last updated 26 Jun 2017

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