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Doink Express is a fun, creative way to add life, interest and excitement to short messages ... More

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Published 15 Jan 2012

If you are a fan of flash animation but haven't a clue as to how to create it then Doink Express is a fine place to start. Here we have a photo and drawing app for iPad2, iPhone and iPod Touch that delivers the tools to make cool looking animations that can be shared on Facebook, sent as an email or shared as a stream in the Doink library.
DoInk Express is a fun place to create and enjoy art and animation whilst giving you a place to make your own. It lets you add life, interest and excitement to short messages using animations, drawings, photos and sound. DoInk brings two things to the table. A community of talented people and all the tools they need to share their ideas. Once you've signed up you can begin animating, drawing and sharing. If your skills arent quite as good as others you can look through and re-use the work of thousands of other users. There are endless ways to create unique custom messages using photos from your camera roll, your own custom art or animations and amalgamating with Doink art “props” and sound. Then share your “doinks” with friends, family and the world! Share your doinks in a stream for all your friends to see, post on Facebook or send in an email. Check out what your friends create and the doinks of other creative people around the world. Or you can “direct doink” a message for only one person to see. Be creative anytime, anywhere… you don't have to be a great artist to make something great! There's an audience here for you! So if you want to be entertained, learn something new or just create something fun -you can do it on DoInk.
Doink Express is a fun photo,drawing and design app for the "i" generation that gives you an outlet to create cartoon visuals that can be used to spice up your emails, status updates or blogs. Either create your own original designs or browse others' to utilize or adapt with this free, easy to use and easy to navigate application. Whether you have a great idea but can't really draw or you are developing into an amazing artist and want to share your talent with the world? Doink allows you to achieve either.

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