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Feeling overwhelmed by too many tools? Doit is the new and easy way to get organized. Take ... More

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Published 6 Dec 2019

How organized are you? Do you have heaps of post it notes on your fridge or on your desk at work? Are you constantly saying to yourself "where did I put that.....?" Or maybe you've got a whole heap of different apps for note taking, idea sharing, team collaboration or project management. It doesn't matter whether we are at home or at work. The fact is, most of us could do with a little better organization in our lives. Well, no matter if you are at home or at work, there's a brand new task management tool out there for your smartphone that'll make your life a heck of a life easier.

Doit is a new and easy to use app for Android and iOS that is perfect for individuals as well as for teams. This simple but powerful app lets you take notes, write shopping lists, plan your next vacation, manage projects, collaborate with friends or team members or simply just share ideas. Hell, you can even run a small business using it, if you are smart. Whereas many people have a multitude of apps and tools on their smartphone for communication and note taking etc, Doit conveniently keeps them all under one roof.

With Doit you can organize your life and projects with notes, plan your works with tasks and events, share and collaborate with anyone and find anything that you are looking for in an instant. Your important files will always be accessible...