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Listening to the music on your iPhone through a dock or speaker system is great but getting up ... More

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Published 18 Jul 2012

Here's a great little music application for iOS that could come in really useful for those that want to play DJ on their docked or speaker connected iPhone while relaxing on the couch at home. By connecting DokRemote to your home computer you can control everything that plays on your WiFi-connected iDevice by remote. Even more convenient if you have a laptop or tablet as you can then control everything with your butt pressed nicely into the couch while the music plays around you.
According to a recent study, about three quarters of all iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch users listen to their iDevice music through external speakers yet almost 85% don't have any easy and convenient way of controlling and changing the music that it plays. Listening to music on your iPhone through a dock or speaker system is great but getting up to change the music can be a real pain. DokRemote solves that problem by giving you remote control of your iPod music from any device with a web browser. Run DokRemote on your iOS device and then use any PC, Mac, laptop or tablet on the same WiFi network to control the music via a web browser. The app presents a clean and easy to use interface accessible from Safari, Firefox, Internet Explorer or any other web browser. Your whole music library is then available for you to play. Select any artist, album or song and the music starts playing from your iPhone dock or stereo system. It's ideal for people who work or study from home and want to blast the tunes out of a full stereo system but while sitting in their comfortable chair to work on a laptop or tablet.
DokRemote's best feature is undoubtedly its ability to give you flexibility to control the music on your dock or speaker-connected iDevice as long as you are in WiFi connectivity with your home computer. It just makes total sense to be able to control the music you are listening to from wherever you are in the house rather than having to jump up every five minutes to change tracks. Where this free app works best though, is when you have a laptop or tablet connected too, to give you the ability to play your music without having to go near either the iPhone or the home computer. DokRemote features a very clean and intuitive interface that sums up its simple but efficient philosophy!

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