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Online shopping thats cheaper than your local dollar shop with free postage thrown in

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Dollar Luxe Store gives you an amazing shopping experience with incredibly low price - up to 90% ... More

Editor's review

Published 11 Mar 2016

You've gotta wonder sometimes how those 'dollar stores' that you find in malls manage to sell their stuff so much cheaper than regular stores. I mean, in many cases, they are exactly the same products. Same brand name, same size but so much cheaper than the store just up the road. The answer, of course, lies in their ability to cut out the middlemen. But what if I told you that you could slash those dollar shop prices by up to 90% just by shopping online? You'd jump at it, right?

DollarLux is a shopping app for iOS and Android that delivers a great shopping experience along with incredibly low prices. As i mentioned earlier, savings can be up to 90% lower than your local dollar stores but I can hear your skepticism now and shouts of "but what about the postage?" Well, unlike the traditional shopping services, all products from DollarLux ship completely free with all items guaranteed, cancelable and fully refundable for any reason - even if you simply don't like it.

So, how do they keep their prices so low, I hear you ask? Well, as I said before, it's all about the middlemen. For a start, most of the manufacturers of the products that you see on sale in the stores are sourced and bought from overseas and the manufacturing and shipping costs really amount to about 10%~30% of the price that you pay in the store.  The rest of the costs are inflated by retailers’ mark-ups, warehouses storage and the cost of hiring people to sell the stuff to you and delivery costs.

The DollarLux team connects you directly to the manufacturers themselves - whether they be in the next state or on the other side of the world. This is the thing that removes the overheads and saves you a heck of a lot of money. Add this to the company's guarantee that all products are cancelable and refundable with no questions asked means you get the best of all worlds. What's more, they go out of their way to only choose quality products made by reputable manufacturers and suppliers to ensure you get the best quality for the lowest price.

DollarLux is a free mobile app for Android, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch that gives you an amazing shopping experience, unbelievably low prices, fully guaranteed and returnable products and free shipping - so what's not to like? The app looks good on your device and its easy to navigate your way through the bargains. Naturally, you won't want to buy everything they have available online - as you wouldn't in your local dollar store - but I can pretty much guarantee that there'll always be something that you'll be interested in as you scroll through the products. Let's face it, retail is on the way out and buying online is starting to be the new norm. DollarLux is a great place to start your online shopping adventure.

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