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Treat your friends to a unique, real-life Dollop of fun

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Want to celebrate a friend's birthday or comfort a friend who is in need? But don't know what to ... More

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Published 29 Apr 2016

The art of gift giving has slipped away over the years. There was a time when it was the socially correct thing to send a small token of affection to an acquaintance with a birthday or a friend who might be sick or down in the dumps. These days we tend to consider a Facebook message as perfectly acceptable and, if you're lucky, you'll get a meme or an emoji thrown in for good luck. It's not that we don't care. I guess that it's all about convenience really, isn't it?

How about if I introduced you to a social organizational app for iOS that is both meaningful and tangible? Not only does Dollop have the pure convenience of sending a text celebrating a friend's birthday but you can also add a more tangible element by including a real gift to go along with it. Just select an emoji - it could be something as simple as a cup of coffee, a cronut or a beer - send it off to your friend and the recipient gets to redeem it on their iPhone for a real live version from a local store. They don't even have to have a Dollop account. Its really as simple as that!

There are so many reasons to send a friend a redeemable Dollop. It doesn't have to be a birthday or because they are sick. It could be because they have done well in an examination or...