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Treat your friends to a unique, real-life Dollop of fun

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Want to celebrate a friend's birthday or comfort a friend who is in need? But don't know what to ... More

Editor's review

Published 29 Apr 2016

The art of gift giving has slipped away over the years. There was a time when it was the socially correct thing to send a small token of affection to an acquaintance with a birthday or a friend who might be sick or down in the dumps. These days we tend to consider a Facebook message as perfectly acceptable and, if you're lucky, you'll get a meme or an emoji thrown in for good luck. It's not that we don't care. I guess that it's all about convenience really, isn't it?

How about if I introduced you to a social organizational app for iOS that is both meaningful and tangible? Not only does Dollop have the pure convenience of sending a text celebrating a friend's birthday but you can also add a more tangible element by including a real gift to go along with it. Just select an emoji - it could be something as simple as a cup of coffee, a cronut or a beer - send it off to your friend and the recipient gets to redeem it on their iPhone for a real live version from a local store. They don't even have to have a Dollop account. Its really as simple as that!

There are so many reasons to send a friend a redeemable Dollop. It doesn't have to be a birthday or because they are sick. It could be because they have done well in an examination or they could have passed their drivers test. It could be to celebrate a milestone at work or to say well done for handling a client well. It could even be that you just simply like them and want to show that you care with a small token. The bottom line is that there are a million reasons to show your appreciation with a Dollop.

At the moment, Dollop is limited to the New York City catchment area where lots of different stores have signed up to be a part of it. This gives you a fine range of treats to choose from. However, the developers are planning to take this unique concept to many other places in the future. The idea is to let you choose something you think your friend might like and have your friend be able to have some flexibility in redeeming it for something that they'll love.

Dollop is a new concept for gift sending that is great for both customers and retail stores. For the customer, it's a nice way of just being friendly or saying thankyou. For the retailer it's another way to increase sales and to create some form of customer loyalty. And retailers surely need all the help they can get these days. So, if you want to show someone that you are thinking of them today and are in the NYC area, why not show them a Dollop of your affection. Dollop is available now for free on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

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