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Database migration from Domino to Exchange Server is a challenging task for enterprises and thus proper guidelines are necessary for proper execution of the task. Mail Migration Wizard software provided by the company with the aim to help businesses in smooth transfer of database from IBM to Microsoft client/Server. For Domino to Exchange Migration Guide for 2014, the software workability is defined at (How it Works LINK) where step by step details about how to export database from Domino to Exchange Server is provided to the users.

Evan Swans, Honorable Head of Product Development Team States: “It is very important for us to make our users understand the product that we offer them as a solution. In order to simplify this task, an interactive interface is created for users where step by step functioning of the tool is defined for Domino to Exchange Migration Guidelines for 2014. Mail Migration Wizard is a competent development that will help users in database transfer from Domino to Exchange/Outlook and from Lotus Notes to Outlook /Exchange Server. ”

“Giving users proper guidelines regarding operability of product is an important yet a challenging task. Although the interface of every software application is kept simple, still for in-depth understanding, we try out best modes and one them includes giving them software screen shots describing step by step working of tool. Also, free version of the tools is available for helping them experience the excellence of the solution. For Domino to Exchange Migration Guide for 2014, both the explanatory medium is available to users. Mail Migration Wizard is a qualitative product that helps in migration of database from client to Server, client to client, Server to client and Server to Server. Therefore, with one product, users are provided with multiple benefits to switch from IBM communication platforms to Microsoft.”

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Last updated 6 Aug 2015