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Done Dave is a free, super fast and easy website builder. It is designed for freelancers, micro ... More

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Published 14 Aug 2020

According to recent sales figures, online sales figures in June increased by 76% compared to the previous year. That's an astonishing amount. While the July figures dropped back to a 55% increase - due to stores reopening across the country - it still signifies that people are favouring online sales rather than visiting a Main Street store. So, one would have to say that, if you have a product or service to sell, it's never been more important to have an online presence. Many have avoided having a website for a number of reasons. Some are freelancers or sole business people who don't think they have enough money or time to have a website while others don't believe they have the technical know how to put one together.

However, we can solve all that with this excellent website builder that requires little or no work, can be created over your morning coffee and costs next to nothing to set up and run. Done Dave is a free, super-fast and easy website creator that is specifically designed for freelancers, micro businesses and sole traders as well as anyone who runs a business that is short of time, money or know how. It delivers an instant online presence that will take you minutes to put together and you can have your site up and running with a secure SSL padlock before you finish your coffee break. 

Done Dave isn't one of those complicated websites where you have to constantly update its features because it's more like an instant online business card for your customers. It features your business name, your logo, a bio about what you do and the services you provide, a photo gallery to showcase your products (just download them straight from your PC, device or social media,) a map to show customers how to find you, your contact details so they can call or email you, a simple contact form and your social media links that can include everything from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Skype, LinkedIn and Google+. 

You won't need any technical knowledge because there are minimal features and options to deal with and there are precious few design features to worry about so you can have your website up and running and indexed with Google in a flash. This means that you can put your website together in a few minutes and get back to the reasons that you started the business in the first place - providing a service, selling your products and making money. In fact, the only design features that you have to worry about are the basic design theme and the feature color and, even then, you can switch themes and colors in a second without it affecting the details of the website. The app has a number of built-in themes for you to choose from. 

While most people will choose a website builder like Wix, Weebly or WordPress when they are thinking of creating their own website, all three require an element of technical skill to create whereas Done Dave requires none of that. For those with little time, money or technical skill there's little to beat it when you want to create a simple info-based website for your customers. The app comes with a free sub domain but you can buy a custom domain through the app in minutes for as little as $20 per year and, once that has been done, your new domain is automatically connected to your website almost immediately. Alternatively, you can connect your own domain for free. There's an easy to follow step-by-step guide on your website dashboard that shows you how. 

Done Dave gives your business an instant online presence and your website will be up and running pretty much straight away. And with smart online retailers realising that 55% of their retail sales are now coming from people shopping with their smartphones, that is a very important thing. Given the pandemic problems that we have at the moment, that figure is only ever going to get bigger. You, not to mention your customers, will also be pleasantly surprised to know that the app features no adverts either - which is a blessing. Your Done Dave website is viewable on any device and with any browser. Having an online presence will improve your sales  figures and open up your business to a new audience with little cost to you. 

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