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Published 21 Sep 2011

If you run a church, charity or non-profit organization and receive donations from a variety of sources then this is the site for you. provides exactly what the title says. The scope of functions available covers every aspect of donor management and provides fundraising tools that allow you to cast your net wider and increase that all- important level of income.

Your existing database of donors can easily be imported to the system and new ones can be quickly added manually. The function also allows you to group and tag donors into groups in any way you want to provide reports that make sense to you.

Donation recording is simple and acknowledgements can be either by an email or a letter complete with your organization’s logo.

The reporting section is comprehensive and will let you pull information in a variety of ways helping you monitor campaigns or plan for new ones. For instance you can run a report showing who gave last year but has yet to do so this year. Equally you can easily run a report to see which members of the database donated $1,000 or more to a particular campaign.

Reports can be exported into spreadsheets and even into your quickbooks accounting software.

Donortools also gives you the power to create a customizable fundraising web page complete with PayPay payment function and a running total of funds raised to date.

For $30 a month you can get the best value version called Pro which...